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M-Net is a public-access UNIX system based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, owned by Arbornet which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. M-Net is run entirely by volunteers and funded by various supporters.

What can I do on M-Net?

M-Net offers many services to its users, absolutely free of charge. You can:
  • Participate in over 100 conferences (forums)
  • Chat with other users in real-time.
  • Learn about UNIX
  • Publish a free web site (Learn more!)
  • Access the web

Important Please read our Acceptable Use Policy.
In addition, supporting patrons of the organization are also granted access to other outgoing internet services, including telnet, ftp, and IRC. For more information about becoming a supporting patron, click here.

How do I access M-Net?

M-Net can be accessed via telnet/SSH and via the web. Before accessing our conference system via the web, you must first log in using one of the other methods in order to create a new account.

You can download a free telnet/ssh client called PuTTY that is quite nice. It supports both telnet and SSH (secure shell).

To set up an account, use one of the methods above, and provide "newuser" at the login: prompt. You will not be prompted for a password, and the new account creation process will begin.


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