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Login To M-Net

There are four main ways to access M-Net.

You can telnet to To do so, click on this link. Your operating system probably has a default telnet client already.

Like telnet, only more secure, this text-based interface encryptes all data between m-net and your computer, including your username and password. Unix users can use "ssh", but Windows users will have to download and install an SSH client. Try PuTTY. It's free and simple.

Web-based SSH Java Client
You can use a web-based SSH client written in Java if your browser supports Java. To give it a try, click here

Web-based BBS Access
If you already have an account, and only want to access the conferences, you can use the web-based conferencing utility called BackTalk by clicking here.

Troubleshoot your connection
We often get requests for help from prospective users who are unable to connect to M-Net using one or more of the above mentioned methods. Unfortunately most users omit to mention relevant details. We hope this page helps you report the problem in a manner that is easier for us to debug.


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