This is a DMCA notice for someone who didn't cite.

You know who you are

PLEASE read this if you are at all interested in e-bay.


This is what I'm talking about.

Examples for chamberl



Installing FreeBSD via FTP with a PPP link via direct serial connection using a null modem cable from a Windows 95 computer.

Here's how.

cdalten and yuno

These two m-net users can go touch themselves. But their m-net home pages are well done.

Oh yeah, if you don't already know this, I'm Canadian and I'm currently on the Arbornet BOD.


Cet espace est réservé pour quelque chose ayant rapport avec Windows!

Inspired by THIS

A litte batch program that downloads images from a wikimedia commons page.

You'll need the GNU utilities for DOS.

I needed this to download a project page from wikipedia that involves Stroke order when writing Chinese characters. It's a lot easier to remember how to write a character when you have the right order, but I always found it hard to remember the order in the first place.

Petit mot en français obligatoire